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Yesterday, The BCPF and I escorted 3B to the campus of UNCG. It’s the beginning of university tours for when The Boy starts looking at which to attend. Yes, he’s only a sophomore but this wasn’t as much a choosing tour as it was to show him what campus life is about. The independence (ish), the responsibility, the opportunity, the coolness and the girls. abbrevvcolor

He hasn’t been doing the best he can in school and we wanted this to be a motivation experience to show him that he needs to pick up the pace and start getting himself in the right state of mind when it comes to colleges and such. We’re not trying to push him to UNCG, although we think it would be cool for that to be his choice, if he chooses any.

The BCPF has two degrees – undergraduate and graduate – from there and this was homecoming weekend. We knew it would be busy with activities and people so we wanted him to see it bustling. It was. He liked that he can eat more than just “cafeteria” food. They have their own Bojangles, Chik-Fil-A, Salsarita’s, Jimmy Johns, Subway and a few other things. But, even their cafeteria isn’t like any cafeteria I’ve ever seen. There’s pizza stations, taco stations, salad stations and so on, all-you-can-eat basically. That was nicer, to me than the outlying chains. Plus, right off campus, there is the Tate Street row of restaurants for pizza (like five different pizza places all within eyeshot), Chipotle, coffee, sushi, tacos and an East Coast Wings. He liked the new health and fitness center and the talk of all the sports (hey, the football team is still undefeated!) and other activities, too.

He really seemed to like what he saw and heard, but he is a little worried about the GPA average. He is below that but if anyone can bring it up, he can. He needs to bust his arse to get there but he can get there. And that’s just an average, you don’t have to be at that level. He still has time, but, that is the reason why we chose to visit so early. From here on, he’ll choose the schools he wants to see. But, we reserve the right to try and guide him. So, there it is, the first university tour. Go Spartans!

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“UNCG is ranked among the 10 best universities in the nation for the value its education offers graduates, according to the nonprofit Educate to Career.” – UNCG