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First off, I know there’s supposed to be an album review here but I haven’t had time to listen to it yet, much less give it an honest review. So, be on the lookout for it later this week. 21762720_1036100056540945_7413643477530722811_o

Threadbare Trio will be Threadbare Trio +1 this weekend when we welcome Chad Huskey back into the fold to perform not one show but two shows. We’ll be playing in Greensboro tomorrow night at a coffee shop called Common Grounds. We’ll be special guests for a young lady named Abigail Dowd. I am not sure if it will be an acoustic or electric show. I play the same equipment for either kind of show so it doesn’t matter to me. That show starts at 7pm or 8pm. Let’s say 7 to be safe. I only say that because, on the event pages, the one on Abigail’s page says 7pm while the one TBT’s says 8pm. Again, let’s go with 7pm to be safe.

Then on Saturday, we are playing the “opening” or “special guest” role even though we are going on last. We are playing at Test Pattern (yes, the home base of The Less Desirables) and we’re playing with Party Battleship which is the band of a friend of all the TBT core members, Shalini Morris. She made a special appearance on the Heavens Sake album, Shinola. I’m not sure why we’re doing the last slot but whatever works, I guess. So, that show starts at 9. There is no cover charge for this one. But, you’ll definitely want to order a few drinks, right? Right.

We’d love to see you at either (or both) show this weekend. Come by, say hello and enjoy some good music. I look forward to saying hi back to you.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Besides rocking out, we like to go out to eat and hang out. We are hanger-outers.” – Party Battleship