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When Brian and I started The Less Desirables seven and a half years ago, we wanted a pop culture podcast that would allow us to talk about the things we liked, that we thought we knew, that people didn’t mind hearing us banter about. That ended up being music, sports, some tech, beer (of course) and movies. aperture2

What did I really know about movies? Well, not a whole lot. I just liked to watch them. I still do… I LOVE it. That is as long as I don’t have to go to the movies. I’m not one to really go to the movies. There are several reasons but I don’t just don’t, usually. But, I love watching them at home. I won’t go into the whole AFI Top 100 and Top 400 nominees and all that, you’ve heard it enough, but, to make a long story longer, I love to watch movies that aren’t “current.”

So, for that reason, we decided to call our little segment in which I talked about a movie that was, by any means, “classic” or at least not “current,” the “current/non-current movie of the week.” Catchy, eh? Well, probably not and by the time Eugene got there, he thought the name was dumb. Mostly because if we didn’t explain it to all the listeners, every week, the name made no sense. Eventually, I dropped that segment title and just called it the “movie of the week.”

In 2013, a/perture cinema came on board to be our “movies sponsor.” They were the sponsor of that section, not just the stuff that was top five in the theaters, not just the new stuff being released for home viewing but the “movie of the week” segment. a/perture cinema (all lowercase, by the way) is the area’s best art house cinema. Not only do you get quality films, you get hard to find films, you get stuff from the UNCSA School of the Arts, you get RiverRun International Film Festival pieces, things made from local filmmakers and the list goes on. It is right downtown WSNC and a fun place to watch a film. The best part (to me anyway) is that you can watch those films whilst drinking a beer or wine. And that without having to sneak it in via your significant other’s big bulky purse.

Fast forward to “today’s” The Less Desirables, the current version. It’s still a pop culture podcast but it’s more of a community bulletin board. There are always guests from the community (and sometimes outside our community) that come on to talk about their businesses, restaurants, breweries, theatres (the live action kind), teams, groups, music and so on. That segment has grown from 15-20 minutes way back in 2010 to about 40-50 minutes. That’s what we’ve really come to be known for. Beyond our love for the pop culture things, we love our community and love to promote the things going on in it.

So, with that section getting bigger, and leaving the movies, music, television and beer aspects in there, the show is consistently two hours long. That’s a long time for a podcast. However, we don’t feel that it’s wasted space, we keep it fun and entertaining, at least we think we do and we’re told we do. But, we risk running even longer every week. You love us, we know, but man, that’s a lot to listen to. So, we have to trim the fat somewhere. We’ve already dropped the technology section because that’s so fleeting by the time we talk about it, it’s already not the trend anymore.

We’ve already dropped the technology section because that’s so fleeting by the time we talk about it, it’s already not the trend anymore. When Eugene left he took the TV section with him. We don’t want to cut the guests down because that’s really our bread and butter now. Caitlin isn’t with us so she isn’t doing her “Caitlin’s Bowl o’Stuffs.” All that and it’s still two hours long. In my mind, music is the blood in my veins. There’s always something new and exciting, people want to see and hear it, we can do it whilst driving, cooking, jogging, walking, getting groovy with our significant others, anything. So, that isn’t going anywhere.

All that leaves one thing. Movies. Let me restate that I love movies, but really, because of my relationship with a/perture cinema, I couldn’t really talk about much because I couldn’t talk about Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu because it conflicted. I totally understood that and didn’t want to create any friction. But, I’ve gotten busy and coming up with a movie to watch (and taking the time to do it) then writing a post/review of it, that took a lot of time. So, as of this week’s podcast (October 4, 2017), we have decided to drop the movies section from the show. It will probably be filled with something else but it won’t be movies. I don’t necessarily like getting rid of it, but it truly makes sense to. That also means that as of October 4th, a/perture cinema is no longer our movies sponsor. The

That also means that as of October 4th, a/perture cinema is no longer our movies sponsor. They were the second or third major sponsor to sign up with us and we appreciate them for their years of dedication to us. We still will talk about big events and things they have going on, but not every week. We love that place and think that you will, to. Watch a film and have a drink and think of us!

So, there it is, goodbye to the movies section. I have loved you but it was time to go. I’d still love to talk movies with you, Dear Reader, send me some recommendations or ask me questions. I’ll talk about it here and if it’s a big enough topic, on TLD. I’d love to do that. Anywhat, this has gone much longer than I expected. Thanks for hanging in there.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.” – Walt Disney