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So, I’d reserved that I was going to do “Sounds Like Saturday” in lieu of the “Movie of the Week.” And, that’s true, I am. But, today is special.  Today, September 30, 2017, is International Podcast Day!! Since podcasts are the way that I identify with my “job,” what it is that I do, what I’m probably best known for and what I love outside of my wife and family, then it’s like a holiday for me! IPD-Round-400

If you’re not already listening to your favorite podcasts, or wonder what a podcast is, then I have failed you. It’s basically radio on demand. You listen when you want, to whatever you want to, however you want to. Podcasts are very versatile and offer something to everyone. But, beyond just what I do in podcasting (you know I produce five different shows), there are plenty of cool shows that I am a fan of, listen to and recommend many of them. You can listen to the big networks and big-named podcasts and I do recommend you do, but please, give all the independent shows a fair shake. You will definitely find something. In fact, I want to actually list my list of faves and I think that you should give them a listen. Here’s my list (just Google the names and find them, listen to them):

  • Two Peas on a Podcast
  • Super Pee Pee Time (hilarious)
  • Podcast Rock City (all things KISS)
  • No Encore Podcast
  • Ginja Ninja Show
  • Todd Cast Podcast
  • Epic Film Guys
  • Dumb All Over Podcast
  • The Podcast Macabre
  • Nerds With Words
  • Dinner And A Podcast
  • Hush Your Face
  • Super Hero Speak
  • David the Producer
  • Poop Culture
  • Fat Boyz 2 Men
  • Station Wagon Podcast
  • Brew Bloods
  • Designated Drinkrs Pod (no “e” in drinkrs)
  • Bizart Podcast
  • Everyone Has A Podcast
  • Podcast Train
  • Nerd vs World Podcast
  • Good Times Great Movies
  • Truth Cream Podcast
  • The Dad Show
  • The Middle Urinal

So, that’s a good start, right? You can also search the #PodernFamily on Twitter and get access a plethora of great podcasts, too. And, of course, I can’t leave off all the ones that I do. The Less Desirables Network is The Less Desirables, Fan Interference, The Beer Dads, The Man Who Ate the Town and Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking (to return soon). There are a few that I produce (or am producing) that haven’t come out, yet. I am not going to mention them because they’re just not ready, but they will be soon. So, to all my fellow podcasters, my cohosts, biz partners, etc. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL PODCAST DAY!!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“One of the beautiful things about podcasting is that I’m not beholding to some public entity.” – Bryan Callen