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City Beverage is the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables and we think you need to go buy the beer of the week (which happens to be The IPA from White Street Brewing Company). But, as great as City Bev is, I’m not talking about that in this post. Yesterday, I talked about a sad passing but today I’m talking about a happier ending.


The Less Desirables as of tonight.


Tonight’s episode of The Less Desirables will be Caitlin’s last show as a full-time co-host. She was my first “work wife.” She has always brought a certain brand of “Yankee Snark” to the show and can take it as well as she can dish it. She’s cooler than most. She keeps me in line. She was a great compliment to both me and Eugene, as he was our co-host at the time. When Eugene left, Bruce came in and she was the “same ol’ Caitlin” with him, welcoming him but not holding back on him. When Bruce left and Danielle came along, she was the perfect compliment to Caitlin’s ability to take shots at the “fat man (that’s me).”

Caitlin had guested on the show a few times to promote the Winston-Salem Jaycees. Eugene and I had lost Brian to progress and decided, after several guest co-hosts, to find a permanent co-host. We had a meeting and decided we wanted to approach Caitlin to take that spot. We noticed her “talents.” She informed us that she was just a year from leaving. We said we were okay with that because we wanted her as long as she could give us time. Her first show as a full co-host was May 6, 2015. We didn’t announce her as a full-blown member until a month later, giving her time to get her feet wet. We could have announced it right away, really, because she was ready, then. That’s right, May 6, 2015. That’s TWO years. We got two years from her. And I couldn’t be prouder to have her. There’s an intro that says that she is “clearly the smartest person in the room” and I can’t remember any time that that wasn’t the case. She’s brilliant and she is an asset for the Army to have. She is an asset for the Winston-Salem Jaycees to have. She is an asset for The Less Desirables to have.

So, thank you, Caitlin, for TWO great years of snark, insight and keeping the show going. You’ve been a driving force for us. I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn but thank you from me, Danielle, Bruce, Eugene, Brian and all the guests that have been on the show since you arrived. We love you and know you’re going to go places!

Dear Reader, give tonight’s show a listen.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I also have ‘Glee Radio’ on here!” – Caitlin describing what her playlists look like on her second show here.