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Underdog Records was jumping yesterday but The BCPF and I didn’t see most of our “regulars” friends that we usually get to hang with. That was sad, but it was a great day otherwise. We filled in some “collection” gaps, I added to my hard rock genre, The BCPF got one of her favorite albums of all time. It was a great day. Here it is:R-3555769-1481559753-1737.jpeg

In addition, there is another jazz album that is from the 1930s but it’s not in Discogs so I will have to put it in, I suppose. It should be in soon. Getting back into vinyl? Then Underdog Records is your place! Whether you’re getting new stereo/turntable equipment, looking for the best accessories for your equipment or to buy a shload of vinyl, this is it. And Discogs is where I do all my cataloging and archiving.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

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