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Welcome to the first Sounds Like Saturday. I’m not doing the movie reviews so much anymore and I need something for Saturdays. I have really gotten into records, as you know, back into listening to music (finally) and watching YouTube videos of various styles, modes, genres, and performances.

Since my Sundays have become “not-so-silent,” because of the “haul,” I figured I’d let Saturdays be my day to take it easy on you. So, here, you are, Dear Reader, the first of the “series.”

Dario Rossi playing in Damsquare in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It’s impressive, at least to me. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“As a street performer, I have learned that everybody wants to connect. And that usually, if you’re a bit extraordinary, if you’re not exactly of human appearance, then people will feel inclined to participate and to feel out loud. It’s as though you made something resonate within them.” – Natasha Tsakos