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You’ve read my woes with my contacts on here, right? Yes, if you’ve read for any amount of time, I’ve mentioned how I leave my contacts in way too long and then it gets out of hand. I went to the eye doctor about two months ago and whilst I have been taking the contacts out a little more than I was, I haven’t been as much as I should. Part of that problem is that my glasses are about four prescriptions behind. I can barely see any better with them than without. Anywhat! The doc gave me my new ‘script and I ordered new glasses on the spot.

So, about a week after that, the glasses tech called and said my glasses were ready. Okay, cool. Well, the eye doctor isn’t convenient to where I ever am so I told them I’d be out there in a few days to get them. Again, inconvenience is a factor and this morning, I finally went and picked up the darned things.

I had forgotten what they looked like. They’re bigger than my last pair but that’s kind of trending now. They’re not massive, but I like them, I think. I had to take the picture just to see what I look like in them because I have my contacts in and the two of them together leave me extremely blind. I don’t see multiples, I see fuzzy images of nothingness.

I hate wearing glasses. Contacts that I leave in (and am allowed to for short periods of time) are convenient and I don’t have to constantly wipe them off (I have very oily skin), don’t sweat on them, don’t have to take them off and put them on constantly. The old ones, which I took on my honeymoon, had transition lenses and when we were in Europe, I had to take the glasses off, hide them under my shirt and be blind for a few minutes while they lightened.I just didn’t like them. I don’t really like contacts, either, but I have to see and they’re much more convenient.

But, now I have these and they will allow me to be more comfortable and see when I take out the contacts, which, honestly, probably still won’t be as often as it should. But, this is a start, right? I’ll have to make up another excuse that corresponds with my plight beyond wrong glasses. I included a picture from our honeymoon (we were in a pub in Bruges) with the old glasses and the new ones.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust