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I’ll post our “haul” tomorrow. Today, I have to say that I have been overwhelmed by generosity in ways that I don’t know that we deserve. Last night we went to Willows as is our Saturday night ritual. When we get there, we’re greeted with a chorus of “Happy Anniversary.” We see our seats at the bar and there are candles, with rose petals, a bouquet of fresh flowers and two glow stick swords. The swords were a bit weird but Kelly Bone knew we would play with them and we did, so it was a nice touch. There was a card that everyone had signed waiting there, too.20170902_190033

They had done the specials board to show that it was our anniversary and we even had our own “His and Hers” menu: an appetizer, a salmon dish for her and a steak dish for me, and a dessert. The nightly drink special was even named “Merry Berry Beeman.” They know us so well that they knew what we’d want to eat; what to add, leave off and down to how we like it cooked.

I talk about “family” a lot. I have many families. I have my immediate family and my extended blood family. I have my “TLD family.” I have my friends. I have my “Willows Family.” There are plenty of reasons, I think I said almost 4000 of them as to why I call Willows my #1 restaurant and most of them are food and service related but there are a lot of reasons that I can think of that are the people. Kelly, Ryan, Lucy, Brent, Terrell, Sheldon, Brandy, Tab, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Tim, Lorie, and Chef Travis – who Facetimed via Ryan from Disney World to tell us Happy Anniversary. And, thanks to Will and Norb for having such a fantastic place to want to eat every Saturday night. And did I mention that the staff seemed as excited to put it on as we were to receive it? Amazing.


I’ll be honest, I cried about seven times. I’m not ashamed. It was overwhelming, as I said before. The funny thing was, though, that people were trying to order our “specials” all night long and it wasn’t available. Ah… I love my Willows family. Okay, I’ll let you back to your Sunday without me throwing the anniversary in your face. And yes, I know this wasn’t exactly “silent.”

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“This is only for you guys. No one else can order this…” – Kelly Bone