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When is the last time I told you about my friend Bee McGee? That’s Brittany McGee, of course, but her friends call her “Bee.” Well, hold tight, I’m about to mark out for a minute or two.


©Brittany McGee


Brittany McGee is a fantastic baker, a genius around the oven and an all around brilliant young woman. A few months back she opened the area’s newest sensation, The Humble Bee Shoppe over on Brookstown Ave. She’s in good company, too.  Underdog Records, City Beverage, Mozelle’s, Bernardin’s, Camel City Goods, West End Cafe and Olde Fourth Street Filling Station just to name a few awesome things in the area. Brittany spends countless hours in her baker’s kitchen at the shop making gluten-free and vegan (not at the same time) cookies, muffins and other baked goodies for the public’s consumption.

The cool thing about that is that she does everything from scratch. She may run out of things, but her customers and now you (who should be a customer, Dear Reader) know that they’re getting the freshest products available. She doesn’t use frozen cookie dough, muffin mix from a box or cakes from Duncan Hines. She makes everything from her own recipes and when she needs to make more, it takes a little time. Again, scratch and fresh! You’re getting the best stuff possible.

If you’ve been to Willows Bistro in the last six months or so and had one of their desserts, guess who made that!? Yep, Brittany. She’s even a sponsor for The Man Who Ate the Town and I could have just written this on that blog. But, here’s the thing, I’m not talking about her because she pays me or because she gives me free stuff (she does neither), I’m talking about her because I believe in what she’s doing. And what she’s doing is using her powers for good. She’s busting her tail for you every single day to bring you the best cookies, scones, and muffins you can find. She has coffee, too. She serves Parliament Coffee Roasters‘ wares and that pairs nicely with the imaginative confections that she makes right there.

She was featured just today with on Fox 8 where reporter Shannon Smith visited to see what all the hubbub was and she found it. You can watch her report HERE. So, the word is getting out. So you know, she’s open today until 5 pm and tomorrow from 10 am to 5 pm. She’s closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday this coming week for the holiday. Go by and tell her that I sent you, I’d appreciate it and I’m sure she would, too. You can find her at 1003 Brookstown Avenue in downtown WSNC. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“That’s a good way to describe it. It’s a mouth experience.” – Shannon Smith