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It’s been hyped for over two years. At least when I had heard about it, it was about two years ago. I forgot about it until about three weeks ago when everyone started talking about it more and more. Of course, I’m talking about the 2017 Total Eclipse.


The pic of the sun at 90% through the makeshift solar shield (it was more defined in person)


People were going crazy about special glasses, then having to turn in fake ones, then looking for new ones that everyone was out of. Lots of hype and lots of speculation. All the news outlets finally took a break from the Circus show in the White Hous to talk more about this. So that was today. The big day, that is.

I didn’t have special glasses. Didn’t feel like going out and finding any and just “didn’t.” But, as today got here, I kind of wished I did. But, that was too late, now. Last night, The BCPF made 3B and me each a cereal box Camera Obscura. I don’t really know what it was supposed to do because even with the eclipse happening, there was still the same amount of light coming through the pin hole. Maybe I was doing it wrong? I don’t know.

My mother got a little creative. Somehow and from somewhere she came across enough glass from welders’ shields to take a piece of cardboard, stack three rectangles of welder glass and use clear packing tape to hold them on. The tape didn’t want to hold the packing tape well enough, perhaps because of oil or something on the lenses, and I dropped one of the lenses on the asphalt. I brought both of them in the house and took regular scotch tape and wrapped the lenses to keep them more secure. The one with one fewer lenses was a little too light happy to use but the other one was pretty good. Being as it was homemade, I still used my sunglasses to aid in the watching of the eclipse.

All-in-all, mostly because of WSNC being outside of the “Path of Totality,” the eclipse was only “partial.” It got a little weird as far as the lighting and such, and that was cool and it was cool to watch the phases of the sun change, I was hoping to see it dark in the middle of the day and see the corona, but it wasn’t to happen. Perhaps I’ll go somewhere in 2024 to see the next one. Still, I liked hanging out with The Boy to watch it. It was hot as all get out but it was worth it.  It wasn’t a letdown to me, at all.

The most annoying part of the day was reading all the people complain about it. Some people are just “addicted to outrage” as I’ve stated many times before. If you don’t like seeing it, just get off social media for the day or whatever, just stop being an a-hole, that’s all you are when you poo-poo everyone. People are excited and that’s okay. Leave them alone.  Okay, I’m done for now.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring [sic] sights – a total solar eclipse.” – NASA