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I thought about calling this blog post “The Day My Mouth Tried to Eat Itself.” I told you on Friday about the wine judging I was doing this weekend. Well, let me tell you, I went through 5 straight flights of big red reds and these weren’t sweet. They were dry. And, drier. And, drier. It got so dry that I couldn’t feel my tongue at the end of the day. There was definite fatigue happening and couldn’t taste anything different. I didn’t let that stop me though. I kept on.


All-in-all, I tasted around 110 different wines over the course of the weekend. I had to have two beers to erase some of the wine taste last night at dinner. But, I was back at it this morning and I was able to taste more of the sea of dead grape blood. But, I really I’ll say it was really fun. I had so much fun doing it and the professional judges said I did a good job. I’m not allowed to say who won any of the medals or “bests in show.” That will come out on September 1st and I can tell you then, Dear Reader.

But, take a look at the picture. If you can see my teeth, they’re purple. I have never had purple teeth from wine. The BCPF can drink half a glass of red wine and have purple gums, lips and teeth. I can drink a good bit and not have purple teeth. So, you know that I had to have had a lot, right? That’s one flight.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“You know great wine when you taste it.” – North Carolina State Wine Competition Instructions to the Judges