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City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables, presents Luau Krunkles “Passion Orange Guava” IPA from Terrapin Beer Company, The Less Desirables Beer of the Week.20170816_142759

Terrapin is one of those breweries that can be hit or miss with me. I mean, I guess they all can but I either like their stuff or don’t. Some stuff from them is very solid stuff. Not necessarily my favorite stuff, but it’s solid. That’s what Terrapin does the best. I don’t care for a lot of IPAs and they do a right many of those. I do like their other stuff like their porters and stouts. They step out of the box and that’s a plus. So, this is one of those “oddity” brews that happens to also be an IPA. I like fruity beer and I hope this is good on the fruit. I like the idea of Passionfruit, orange and guava all together in one beer. Let’s see how it goes. The ABV for this beer is 6.5% and its IBUs are 72.

BeerAdvocate rates it at 87 (Very Good) with no Bros Score. Untappd has it at 3.84 caps out of 5. I’m good with those ratings if they’re accurate. We’ll see. Have you had it? What did you think? If you’ve not had it or just have a hankering for more, head down to City Beverage and grab your sixer. Tell them that it’s the Beer of the Week and get 5% off your order. Tune in later this evening or early tomorrow to hear what Caitlin, Danielle, Liz and I think of it. It looks like Groot is already having a hankering.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Tropical aromas of Passion fruit, Orange and Guava dominate the nose while a big juicy hop flavor and smooth bitterness complement the balance of the beer.” – Terrapin Beer Company.