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I was sitting here wondering what to write today. I know I have an event coming up 0c93f735eb9150d15915f595f0ab08e6--quotes-about-ignorant-people-quotes-about-ignorancetonight and it’s the weekend and all is going to be cool. But, I didn’t want to necessarily write about that. I’ll write about it afterward, but not today. I was scrolling through Facebook and came across my buddy and biz partner, Beer Dad Jon, wrote a moving blog post of his own. So, I’m going to respectfully re-post it, well link to it, and bring awareness to the plight of anyone who has to deal with “clubs.” You’ll know what I’m talking about when you read his post. Read it HERE.

I stand with you, my brother. Your family is my family. There are members in my family that deal with that and I know some people are not yet comfortable with allowing others to live their life when they don’t agree or understand it. And I especially dislike when people use religion to justify their hypocritic ways not just in this situation but many others. How about we all just shut up, now?

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Bigotry and judgment are the height of insecurity.” – Jasmine Guy