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So, this evening, The BCPF will get her second tattoo. It will also be only six months since she got her first. I think she’s gotten the “bug.” I’m not going to tell you what it will be but I certainly love the idea. It should turn out to be quite fabulous. She’s excited and I like when she’s excited.

We’ll be returning to our tattoo artist of choice, I’ll even say, The Official Tattoo Artist of The Less Desirables’ The BCPF. I know that’s a stretch, but hey, I tried. Anywhat! She’ll be getting the new art at Earth’s Edge Tattoo & Piercing in WSNC. Byron and Kelley Weeks have been guests on The Less Desirables and The Beer Dads. I’d call them friends. I like to support my friends. Byron did the awesome Great Blue Herron that she sports on her left leg. 935361_10151580917885027_1093566513_n

Byron takes his time to get exactly what you want, draws up some mock/rough ideas and then goes over edits with you. It’s important that you allow the artist’s creativity to be included. Byron talked about how doing tats can be boring when they’re doing stuff that is “stock.” Let them put their stamp on it. I think if they don’t have some creative input, they are no longer tattoo “artists” but tattoo “givers.” Who would want to be that? Not me. Then again, I can’t draw much of anything, but if I could, I’d be adamant about having creative input. It would be like co-writing a song with someone and they not allowing me to be creative with my parts. At that point, I’m not a co-writer as much as a facilitator. That’s not me.

Anywhat! I’ll post pics of the new art in the next few days. Perhaps Monday? But, again, may I recommend Earth’s Edge Tattoo & Piercing for your permanent skin art or adornments? You can find them at 1800 Silas Creek Pkwy here in WSNC. Check out their website and/or Facebook Page.

Until tomorrow, ink up!
Scorp out!

“Best Prick in Town!” – Byron Weeks