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Anyone who has known me knows that I’m a bass player, it’s my main instrument, it’s where I’m most comfortable, it’s my sanctuary. I’d much rather be playing bass than singing, although I don’t mind doing them together. My “duties” with the two bands that I am currently in, I’m the bass player, do backup vocals and I play the idiot. That last one is a stretch, more just a dumb arse. It’s what I do best, I think.

But, I’ve always been interested in other instruments. I learned to play piano at the same time I learned to play bass. I’m much better at bass, but I have played keys in a band before. I’m no Doug Davis, but I do okay. Nothing special and I don’t do anything really fancy. I leave that to the professionals. The first instrument I actually ever learned to play was the drums and I will say that, to this day, they’re my favorite instrument to watch being played.

But, my first love was guitar. I can play the guitar. I’ve been known to do it. I’ve written many songs on it. I just don’t get to play it very much and when I do, I don’t think I’m good enough to hang with the big boys, but that’s probably because I don’t practice it. I’ve gotten into watching others play a bit more, lately, when I have the chance (and we all know how difficult that is), and have come across some things that I’m sort of jealous of. That goes for all instruments. I love watching YouTube and watching other people play the drums or the piano, guitar or even the bass, although that’s the hardest one to impress me with.

I have known who Lindsay Buckingham is for a good long while, but because it’s usually put in some ensemble piece (like Fleetwood Mac), I hadn’t really paid much attention to his playing style. I hadn’t really paid attention to Fleetwood Mac much, to tell the truth. Since doing the Rolling Stone Top 500, I have listened more closely. Now, Tango in the Night isn’t on that list, but it was my first intro to the band (again refer to my impossible musical path). During my viewing, I came across this interview with Mr. Buckingham and not really understanding how he played the song “Big Love,” I was blown away. I wanted to share it and that’s what I’m doing today. It got me to watch more of him doing them and others covering it. This is amazing stuff.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“You said that you love me and that you always will. Oh, you begged me to keep you in that house on the hill. Lookin’ out for love.” – “Big Love” (Buckingham)