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This is kind of piggybacking but not really. 3B and I went to El Rancho Taqueria for the first time tonight and had some tacos. They were some mighty fine tacos, at that. One of the tacos I tried was tripa, or tripe. Tripe is boiled or fried stomach of beef cows.


Tacos from El Rancho Taqueria (l to r: chorizo, tripe, barbacoa, al pastor)


I’ve gotten to where I like to try more exotic foods. I say exotic. They’re exotic to Americans but in Mexico and a lot of places in Europe and probably every where else, it’s just part of everyday life. Anywhat! I’ve started looking for offal to eat. To explain that a bit, it’s basically organs or entrails of meat that has been butchered. The whole “snoot-to-toot” thing. Some say it rhymes with “awful” for a reason. I’ve had sweetbreads, liver, hearts, haggis (you don’t want to know) and other innards that many, if not most Americans have a hard time even fathoming the thought.

I haven’t liked it all, but I’ve liked a good bit of it. And, tonight, I found out that I like tripe. At least I like it at El Rancho. I got it in a fantastic taco with some cilantro and onions with three other tacos. I was told it was something else when they brought it to me and I tore through “another” taco before I realized it was the tripe. I mentioned it to a server and she brought me a small plate of it to try. I enjoyed it. It was kind of like chicken liver but not foul or gritty like chicken liver. And, it was a bit beefy in flavor, too. So, I don’t know why it reminded me of chicken liver. I don’t like chicken liver because it’s foul. This was sans foul. It was fried here and a good bit crispy. I enjoyed it and so did 3B.

I wrote about the experience tonight over on The Man Who the Town. You can read all about it over there. I will say though, I highly recommend you going and trying El Rancho Taqueria. It’s authentic Mexican food the way it’s supposed to be. Fresh and tasty. You can find them at 613 E. Sprague Street here in WSNC. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Until tomorrow, try to stomach my post…
Scorp out!

“Do not let the word tripe deter you. Let its soothing charms win you over, and enjoy it as do those who always have!” – Fergus Henderson