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Underdog Records had some good stuff this week and The BCPF and I rocked it, at least I think we think we did. Right, dear? Well, you decide. Here it is:


©Rolling Stones Records


And, with the $1 records, the Underdog Records/The Less Desirables involved the extensive section of $1 if you mention you heard the ad on the podcast. That’s why you should listen to TLD every week and hear the special. I’ll not give that away, you’ll have to listen to hear what it was and what to do! Also, if you’re looking to get into vinyl, Underdog has a good bit of used, quality turntables to get you started, a plethora of selections to listen to on your new turntable and accessories to keep it in tip top shape. The list above is brought to you by Discogs, which you should use to archive your collection!

Until tomorrow, happy listening…
Scorp out!

“Where do you go when you’re lonely? Where do you go when you’re blue? Where do you go when you’re lonely? I’ll follow you when the stars go blue.” – “When Stars Go Blue” (Adams)