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I’ve written three articles today so this will be quick. Tonight, at Bull’s Tavern, the July edition of the Friday Night Music Club featuring a whole night of Tom Petty. I will be emceeing the show and I’ll be performing in the show, as well. I’ll be part of the Threadbare Trio + 4. That’s Clay, Neal and me, as usual, but joining us will be Doug Davis, Greg Hurley, Davidson Smith and Susan Snow. We’ll perform six songs. I can’t tell you which six but you’ll like them.15873515_1428930590450353_2994663030644474219_n

Also on the bill is Men in Black doing around six songs and the Vagabond Saints Society doing a plethora of songs. VSS is playing the Summer of Love show for the Summer on Liberty tomorrow, so why not let them do the king’s share of the good songs? It will be a great show if you’re a Tom Petty fan.

The non-profit/charity for this month’s show is the Centers for Exceptional ChildrenCenters for Exceptional Children, the mission of which is to educate, nurture and support children with special needs to reach their highest potential intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

As usual, there is no admission fee or cover charge but there will be buckets for donations for the CFEC. It’s a great cause so give freely as you see fit or are able. Bull’s Tavern will also be making a donation from the night’s profits toward the charity. The show starts around 10 with a few acoustic numbers, then Men in Black are up, then us, then VSS. Come hear good musicians and donate to a great cause.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The papers said Ed always played from the heart. He got an agent and a roadie named Bart. They made a record and it went in the charts. The sky was the limit.” – “Into the Great Wide Open” (Petty/Lynne)