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It was a treasure trove of K-Tel for me yesterday at Underdog Records! I picked up 18 of the wonderful (okay, maybe they are maybe they aren’t) compilations that I remember from my childhood. Someone unloaded their K-Tel collection (and a few Ronco) and they’re in really great shape. They’ll be awesome once I wash them. I remember seeing the commercials, I had a few, Ma Mère had a few and my aunts had a few. I hear Jonathan put out more of them after I left. I’ll have to return to see what’s there. Perhaps I can convince him to hold them back until I’ve gone through them? Probably not. Oh well… here’s the haul:


©Casablanca/Universal Music Group


That was a pretty nice haul and I can’t emphasize how excited I am about the K-Tel albums. Silly, perhaps, but I love that stuff. Check out Underdog Records for joys you never knew you’d experience. That sounds cheesy but The BCPF and I love listening to the records, we love collecting them. And, if you get into it, make sure you archive your stuff on Discogs. Use Discogs just to catalog your CDs, too.

Until tomorrow, happy listening…
Scorp out!

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