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Last week, I was asked by my friend Gerald Morris to guest co-host on his podcast, Two Peas on a Podcast, while his regular co-host, Andy is out writing a book. It’s not often that I get to be on a podcast (of course I’m kidding) so I said sure! Truth is, though, it isn’t often that I’m on podcasts as a guest. Usually, I’m sitting behind the control board, in the studio, tweaking knobs, pushing buttons, sliding faders, looking up info, watching levels and so on. Not this time, though.15826855_729052637252345_6602220976504730987_n

Last Thursday evening, I got to sit on my couch, in my shorts, with a pair of headphones, a Blue Yeti microphone, my computer, Skype and a beer and do nothing but run my mouth. I had an agenda, I had topics, I had purpose,but I got to be me. I’m always me but, there are times when “Me” is bit embellished. I hear your gasp of disbelief, Dear Reader. You know it’s true.

We talked pop culture, which I can do, like Hannibal Burress’ stand-in on the red carpet, Top Gun 2: Maverick, Adele, Kardashians, Tupac and Madonna, Amelia Earhart, new Twinkies flavor and SPAM to name a few. But, I also got to talk about something that I don’t normally talk about in public forums or online, and that’s politics/world events. I don’t usually talk about them because I’m not quite as knowledgeable about them as most who are into that, I don’t want to argue the merits of things and/or I just don’t care. I have opinions sometimes, I just tend to keep them to myself. Not in this case, though. I let loose. I also dropped a few “F’ bombs, which I don’t usually do on podcasts, but hey, this was a special occasion, right?

Gerald recorded the Skype stream and put it in with his track. I thought the final product sounded great. I was impressed with the production. Gerald has done well with the show since its early days of me walking/critiquing him. Not that I’m any expert I guess, or maybe I’m an expert in the number of actual episodes, but I just know what I hear. I heard nothing wrong with this one, he did great. And I had a great time. I felt what it is that most every guest that comes on my shows say: I had fun. My answer when told that is always the same: me too. Because it always is. There may be some shows that are more fun than others, and there may be some episodes that are more fun than others, as well. We do what we can.

So, Gerald (and Andy) thanks for letting me hang with you and we’ll have you back on The Less Desirables soon. Dear Reader, you should check out the show and you can do that by visiting HERE. It’s a good show and they’re fun. We’re fun. Podcasts are fun. Have fun!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“They’re hot, though, right? They’re hot. They’re all hawt! They’re hot.” – Gerald on the Kardashians