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I’ve realized that short weeks don’t necessarily equate to fast weeks. Even just piddling around the house goes slow when you’re waiting on your bestest gal to get home and you guys can just spend time together. We had Monday and some of Tuesday together, something we don’t always get and then we both worked Wednesday and Thursday and she worked today. I “worked” as I did some website maintenance and plugin cleanup and I learned a few songs for an upcoming gig, but working from home isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Then again, doing that same work at the studio wouldn’t be either.

Next week, however, I have a full week. I have some equipment to work through, five or so podcasts to record, musical gigs and meetings. All that plus this is just Friday. Who knows what else will come up before the week even starts? Not me. We’ll see, though. But, the point of today’s post is this… I’m done for the week. It’s Friday, it’s a short week, I’m done. I’m signing off for the day. The post for tomorrow is already scheduled and I’ll be with my lady. I say, let’s call it a week, right? Right. See you later, Dear Reader.

Until tomorrow, have a great weekend…
Scorp out!

“Bye Felicia” – Craig from Friday