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Something set my allergies off this morning. Or perhaps it’s a cold, I don’t know. But, I’ve been sneezing my head off all day and now, it’s like it’s in a vice grip. I’m used to getting those about twice a year, but I don’t remember it being this time of year. I even sneezed a contact lens loose.clipsnow24

Tomorrow, the fam is having the most American of meals to celebrate the country’s birthday: tacos. Something different, I guess. Well, I’m in charge of making my guacamole and I am afraid I won’t be able to taste it to gauge how it tastes. I’ll have to go with it being right.

I also won’t be able to use my CPAP properly and that I’ll sleep (or not) for crap and I’ll fight that. Those are the worst nights. It’s one thing to be sick but to be sick and tired? That is awful. I may actually sleep but it won’t be good and I’ll get choked all night. That wears me out quickly and it’s really bad for my health. Whatever, enough of my bellyachin’. I am fighting dropping off as I type this. So, I’m cutting out quickly.

Until tomorrow, good night, Dear Reader.
Scorp out!

“When Paris sneezes, Europe catches cold.” – Henny Youngman