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The “Gang” at Willows (picture ©Travis Myers)


On The Man Who Ate the Town today, I had a wonderful special guest in the studio to talk about food, drink and life. Only part of that made the podcast but Kelly Bone, of Willows Bistro, is a fantastic guest and she’s a sharp one, too. She is quite knowledgeable about her craft, even though she’s not been doing it too awfully long. She did, however, jump feet first into the fray of craft cocktails, wine selections and beer selections and is the main-most-lady in that regards at Willows. They have a brand new drink list that is rolling out right now. Listen to her interview as it’s really great.

Also, I talk about other restaurants and even a grocery store. Hear all of that on the podcast by listening HERE. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening!

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“It’s like a fine dance that you do. We all love/hate each other, but the end of the day we all love each other.” – Kelly Bone