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So, last week was one of my faves that have been on this list. Jon’s still a bit back and I think Eug is one week back. Then, it was time to get back to straight-up rock and away from the guitar virtuoso showcase. Let’s move on.

#21 – Black Tiger by Y&T.

All I knew of Y&T was that awful “Summertime Girls.” I will say this is a little better. Dave Meniketti, to me, sounds like the poor man’s Sammy Hagar, but with a less powerful and somewhat erratic voice. Like Jon with Hagar, I think if I could have the songs without him singing, it would make this a whole lot better. On top of that, I’ve never been really big on the “bar rock.” The sleazy, blues-laden “rock and roll” that sounds a lot like much of this.

If the whole album sounded like “Winds of Change,” “Forever” or “From the Moon” (instrumental), I’d most likely be more on board, too. The bonus track, “Somebody for Me,” is pretty cool. And, Phil Kennemore’s bass lines in the title track are really good and stand out. Leonard Haze’s drumming was solid, but I think it was a bit over the top in places and more than was needed. Joey Alves provides good guitar backup to Meniketti. Sadly, of the four members of the band that were on this album, Meniketti is the only member that is still alive. Most of them hadn’t been with the band in the following years up until more recently. Kennemore died in 2011 of lung cancer, Haze in 2016 from COPD and Alves this past March from ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. RIP, gentlemen.

All in all, there’s nothing wrong with this album but it just doesn’t grip me and I wouldn’t be in any hurry to revisit it. Nothing really stands out, to me. But, give it a listen anyway to make your own judgment. I’d be interested in Jon’s take, especially, since he doesn’t like Sammy Hagar. I want to hear what draws Eug to it, as well.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Deep in my heart, I’ll find where to start and follow the light to the end. And the truth will be told for the young and the old as the winds of change will blow.” – “Winds of Change” (Y&T)