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I’m going to keep this short (surprise) because I’m still trying to catch my breath and steel my nerves. The day came that I sat in the passenger’s seat in my Soul I call “Nigel” and look to my left and see my baby boy, my little, itty boy in the driver’s seat and we were not in the driveway. We were on a real road, with real traffic and real danger.  Now, when I say “little” and “itty bitty,” I’m talking about my 15-year old, 5’9″ young man.

I think I mentioned him getting his learner’s permit a couple of weeks ago. Well, it was time for me to ride with him today. We practiced parking, driving on Peters Creek Parkway and some 2-lane roads. He needs to work a little on his turning – some he doesn’t break enough, some he breaks too much – but otherwise, he’s doing a pretty good job. He was straight in the middle of the lines and while I did hold the “oh shoot” handle the whole time, I didn’t have to squeeze it too much. I was proud of him, he’s growing up. He’s got a long way to go but it’s a good start. He’ll be fine eventually. I’ve just got to keep with him. We’ll do it again, soon. Just keep me in your thoughts.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Driving is a spectacular form of amnesia. Everything is to be discovered, everything to be obliterated.” – Jean Baudrillard