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Today we lost our first Bond. At the ripe age of 89, Sir Roger Moore has passed away. He was the cleverest Bond, the snarkiest Bond and the gadgets were cooler and more over-the-top. Everything in the early 1970s and up to the mid-1980s was about excess and bombast. roger-moore

I enjoyed all the other Bond films, as well, even On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I thought Lazenby did a fine job, and the storyline was pretty good on that film. But, there’s something about the time and feel of the Roger Moore Bond films that stayed with me the most. It started with Live and Let Die in 1973, then The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), a brief departure from the planned track with Moonraker (1979) to capitalize on the Star Wars craze, For Your Eyes Only (1981), Octopussy (1983) and finishing with A View to a Kill (1985). Like Sean Connery in Diamonds are Forever (1971), you can tell Sir Roger is peaking in the Bond “age parameter” category by the time he got to A View to a Kill. He was starting to push it in For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy, but he ran the course and it was time to go, but he did it with dignity.

I think it funny, too, that Eon Productions thought Connery looked too old and then they hired Moore, who is actually two to three years older than Connery. He just aged better, I guess.

My son, 3B, and I have been watching all the Bond films starting at Doctor No and we have gotten up to finishing For Your Eyes Only. I sent him a message that Sir Roger had died and he was like… “who?” I rolled my eyes. When I explained who it was, he said, “oh…” I think he’s enjoying the films, just at 15, isn’t paying too much attention. I get it, but he always asks if we’re watching one today. So, I guess he’s paying more attention than I give credit, just not to who is in the picture.

I have seen all of the films, at least up to The Living Daylights (1987) probably around 30 times each. Daylights on to Die Another Day (2002) around 10-15. I have seen the Daniel Craig films at least twice each. I usually watch them in order so I have been watching the older ones more times, obviously.

I rate my love of James Bond up there with KISS, Disney and Star Wars. Even against Star Wars, I’d say James Bond is my favorite film franchise. And, Sir Roger is definitely part of the reason for that. Were his films the best? Nope, but they’re good enough for me. Rest well, Sir Roger Moore, you were fantastic.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“There’s no sense going out half-cocked.” – James Bond (Live and Let Die)