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My sleep last night was awful. My sleep the night before was also awful. My days have been fantastic, but it’s starting to catch up with me today. I don’t know what it is, is it the CPAP? Is it just me being fat? Is it a renewed Tourette habit? I don’t know.

What I do know is that, I’ve been falling asleep downstairs in my chair lately, more so than usual and then when I get upstairs and climb into the mountainous bed, I can’t get to sleep right away. That, or I just fall asleep without my CPAP and then wake up gagging and chocking and that keeps me awake. I don’t really know. The BCPF said, this morning, that I was a bit fidgety and was most likely talking in my sleep.

What I do know is that today, I’ve fallen sleep twice in the studio. Once after breakfast and once after loading up Fan Interference’s weekly episode. I’m groggy and half out of it. I’ll be fine for the podcasts tonight (The Beer Dads) but I may not make it through WWE’s Raw tonight. We’ll see. All I know is that I need some real sleep, with masktime, soon. I’ve cut this post extra short because I feel like I’ll start rambling. I’m okay with interaction, but sitting here by myself, is rough. Oh well…

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I hear the secrets that you keep when you’re talking in your sleep.” – “Talking in Your Sleep” (Canler, Skill, Palmar, Solley, Marinos)