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Tonight, Threadbare Trio will be playing the Friday Night Music Club, this month, at The Garage. This month’s theme is “Winston Does Winston” where a number of WSNC acts to covers of other WSNC bands and/or acts. Other acts like Will Jones, Ken Mickey, Corky McClellan, Drat the Luck, Gulley and The Hitchcock Fugitives will also be playing. All of them will be doing something from hometown acts. It will be cool to watch.

So for the Threadbare Trio section, we will be doing two different “tributes.” We’ll be covering two Doug Davis tunes and two Silver Alerts tunes. In addition to Neal, Clay and me, we’ll be joined by Doug Davis himself on guitar. It will be fun.

The nonprofit being highlighted is Authoring Action. There is an actual cover tonight of $7. There will a donation bucket for you to make donations to Authoring Action, which provides an avenue for troubled youth and those who are on a track to failure get back on the right path. In many cases, it can mean the difference between jail and college for these kids. Donating to this cause helps Authoring Action take care of those who need it.

So, come out and see some great musicians doing other great musicians’ music and donate to a great cause. I’ll see you there.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I can see it’s a long time coming, long time waiting to be…” – “Long Time Coming” (Davis)