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It was an okay week last week. Jon and Eugene‘s takes (Eugene is catching up, Jon is one week back) are coming soon. I’m moving on, now.




#19 – Rising Force by Yngwie Malmsteen.

All I’ve ever known about Yngwie has been how he blazes on the fretboard. I knew he was interested in classical music and he basically stumbled into the role of being a musician. I once did an article about him and George Lynch for the old ESP mag that was around until the mid-2000s. But, it really didn’t do anything for my listening knowledge.

There’s very little vocals on this album, which, is a highlight for Yngwie, not the band. That is good for him, bad for people who want vocals. The bad thing is that the vocals that are on the album are those of Jeff Scott Soto, which I’m a moderate fan of. And, the first song we have any vocals on, “Now Your Ships Are Burned,” it sounds like it was recorded in some high school band’s basement. It’s kind of cheesy and not showing much confidence in the melodies; it’s a little wavering. Soto’s vocals aren’t very good here, really.

Now, all that said, put all of that aside. This wasn’t about vocals. It was about Yngwie showing off, er… showcasing his talents. That, he does. From the very beginning of “Black Star,” it was a showcase of his interest and execution of the classical genre as well as the hard rock genre. He blazes up and down his scalloped fretboard with sound barrier-breaking speed. It’s not only on guitar, either. It’s also on bass. He’s credited with both and some synth work, too.

Overall, though, it just wasn’t my thing and I love classical music. What it did do, however, was offer some superb background soundtrack for other things that I was doing and taking care of. But, that’s really all it was to me. It’s not something that I’d want to listen to often. It’s fine, it just wasn’t thrilling to me. Especially after the first three listens. It hid in the background.

Yngwie is a great guitar player and if you’re into that kind of thing (and a lot of times it is my thing), then I absolutely recommend you giving this album a shot. It deserves its legendary status among the world’s top guitarists as being important, because it is that important. Just not important for me to listen to again. But, surely give it a shot. Keep watching their blogs to see what Eug and Jon think of this album. For me, it just missed me.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Now your ships are burned and the evil has returned. It will creep upon you. There’s nothing to do.” – “Now Your Ships Are Burned” (Malmsteen)