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Phew! Today started off a big o’turd. Not at home, all that was groovy. Took The Boy, 3B to school and then I had to go to Hades, or as it’s more commonly known, Wal-Mart. I really believe that you can find the absolute saddest block of society – and in some cases all life forms – in Wal-Mart. Now, don’t hear me wrong, not everyone that goes to Wally World is scum, not by any means. But, there’s always many reasons to hate it. I do think it’s the Grand Evil Empire, kind of like the local Death Star, but when you’re broke and need stuff, sometimes you just gotta go, want or not.

I go in to get my rolls of cheap paper towels, ant killer, a cheap wine bottle opener, toilet cleaner and check out. I can stay to myself and just get what I have to have and leave. Self-checkout so I don’t have to interact with anyone; not that I’m opposed to that, just wanted in and out of there as quick as possible. As I’m leaving, I am watching two Walmartians (that’s the really deplorable ones), standing no more than 15 yards from the actual front door, put their cart up on the curb and into the brick chips beside their car. You’re 45 feet from the %&$#ing cart farm!!!! I didn’t stay quiet as I walked by. No, I didn’t directly say anything to them as much as I did at them. How lazy that is and all that.

Okay, what business is that of mine? Because, that’s what’s wrong with this world, people “too good” or self-involved to do the proper, or even right thing. That creates more work for the already minimum wage workers who have to go out and collect those things. And, if one comes loose, rolls in front of a car and they make a claim, that makes costs go up. Yeah, it’s a drop in the bucket for the Waltons but still, it’s just good human behavior to be excellent to each other and that’s definitely not excellent.

So, I get in my car and get behind an elderly driver who is going about 2 miles per hour. Be diligent and watch for people, but go at least 10 mph. My speedometer wasn’t even registering speed at all, but we were moving. They get up to the stop sign and there’s nothing immediately coming. There’s a truck that is coming up the car aisle three lanes away and this dude waited on that truck. It wasn’t even in the traffic path, yet! So, he pulls out and stops at the next stop sign (about 20 feet) and sits there. Nothing is coming. He sits there. He finally pulls out and gets to the stop light to turn onto the road. The light is green but he stops and looks both ways. When he pulls out, I dart around him to the next red light. Then, I’m behind the “Carolina Dad” minivan, who, when the light turns green, decides he’s in the wrong lane (even though he was still turning left) and drives slow until the other slow fella has passed him. He gets over and without breaking the speed limit, I pass both of them like I was Dale Jr. and they were sitting in the parking lot. Again, I detest Wal-Mart and its Walmartians.

After I’m down the road a bit, I end up at another traffic light. Three lanes wide, and people are in no hurry.  I’m not looking to break land speed records and if anyone has ridden with me, they know I don’t do a lot of speeding, but I do, and expect others to, respect the speed limit from the front and back end. Meaning, go the %&$# on!!!!!! I get downtown and have to go around several other terribly slow mother shuckers and get to the studio.

I had to go have some breakfast and relax for a minute. I could actually feel my blood pressure rising. I was getting flipped and wanted to “breathe.” I went to Mary’s Gourmet Diner, of course. It helped. Mary has a way of settling you down, even when she’s not trying to. With her personality and her food. All was well, but man, I was worked up first thing. I came to the studio and straightened it up. It was getting a bit out of hand. I feel better being in here, listening to podcasts (that aren’t mine), with it less of a disaster zone and more of a working space.

I’m pretty much over today already, but I can’t wait until I pick up The Boy and spend some time with him and then tonight when The BCPF and I go have dinner and I get an adult beverage. I hope your day has been great and your night even better.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“One of my favorite things to do is to play music really loud and dance my butt off in the morning. I’ll do it alone in my apartment. You can’t have a bad day after that.” – Allison Williams