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Beer. Mmmmm beer. If you’ve ever read one of my blog posts, or listened to any of my podcasts, you know that I love me some beer. I’m a fan. It’s my favorite libation overall and my favorite kinds are vast. I don’t like “big beer” or macro brews (read Buddummer, Muller, Craps, etc.) other than a cold Miller High Life (I won’t make fun of that one). But, what I do like, nay, love is good craft beer; especially when it’s a North Carolina-based craft.16463423_1768827373143144_8885710895074226879_o

So, Sawtooth School for Visual Art will be satiating my want and desire of the craft nectar of the gods by having their annual “Arts & Craft Beer” event this evening from 5:30pm ’til 9pm. What will be laid before me for me to imbibe? Well, I’ll tell you. So far, and this could change because Meghan Parsons is awesome, Foothills Brewing, HOOTS Beer Co., Wicked Weed Brewing, Burial Beer Co., Birdsong Brewing Co., Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company, Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Ponysaurus and Four Saints are all going to have their wares in a barley, hops and malt buffet to please any beer drinker’s (well, except those that like frozen pint glasses and Dud Light) palate.

Since the first time that Meghan and I talked about this event, I’ve been excited about it. I wanted in. I wanted my shows to be in. Something I’m this passionate about and helping my pals in spreading the word? I want the world to know. Looking at this lineup of brewed yumminess, who wouldn’t want to come? And, of course, this is Arts-based, so it’s not just a place to go get crunked. There are arts and crafts to do the whole event. And, the proceeds will go toward the Sawtooth School’s Scholarship Fund to ensure that anyone can participate in the arts, regardless of their ability to “afford it.”

Yes, the time is rapidly approaching (5:30 can’t come quick enough, though) but if you buy your tix ahead of time, they’re only $20. If you buy them at the door, they’re $25. But, according to Meghan on The Less Desirables two Wednesdays ago, you can purchase them online, basically up until the “show” starts. How do you purchase these tickets to the beer world? That’s easy. Just visit the Sawtooth website for the event. Easy peasy, George and Weezy. Look for me, come say “hi.” And, slàinte mhath!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Guests will be invited to create their own limited-edition screen-printed tote bag, and to make a pair of earrings from beer bottle caps.” – Sawtooth Website