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So, for the first time since I was 15 years old (not counting a four month stint in an apartment waiting for squatters to move out of our house), my bed in my home is not a waterbed. Since day one of us moving to WSNC in 1986, I’ve had a waterbed. I’ve always loved waterbeds. Starting with a full-motion-rock-every-time-you-sneeze and then after several years of that, moving to one with better baffles, to one that is a one-second stop mattress. You move and within one second you stop. 18057978_10155076258680490_1392098438782706913_n

The first night that The BCPF stayed with me, I had to show her how to get in and out. We had a tutorial on that. Put your inside leg on the bed and roll in. To get out, roll over to put the inside leg out and it becomes your outside leg. Up and at ’em. Over the last 7 years I’ve neglected to put more water in it. That started to take its toll. Not only on the quality of the sleep but on my back, on her shoulders, everything.

I’ll admit that the appeal of the waterbed has been gone for a while but I’m a sentimental sap and I know few if any of my friends have a bed like mine. So, we decided it was time to switch from the bladder mattress to a more traditional mattress that we could pick out together, agree on and get some better sleep. We went to one of the 41 Mattress Firms over off Stratford Road and spent a few hours testing and lying around in various positions to see if we could handle any particular mattress. We did finally find one that was just right for us, not only in price but actually in comfort. We got a “pillow-top” Hampton and Rhodes model. We also decided to get the lift bases that allowed the head and legs to be raised. All good, right?

Well, here’s the catch. I was giving up the waterbed but didn’t want to give up the actual bed. We thought we could set the bases in the box my bed was in, and then put the mattress on top of that. Great. Well, not so great. Even though it’s a King size bed frame, the bases are a bit wider to accommodate the mattress. Um… okay. So, Ma Père came over and we devised a way to get the box off of the waterbed base and convert it a headboard support. Okay great. Well, since they had left the lift bases and the mattress (they couldn’t put it together, yet), we put the new mattress on top of the base of the waterbed to have a place to sleep until we could get them out to place the lift bases and synchronize them to raise together. And… just the mattress itself along with the bed base was like 30″ high. The BCPF is only 59″ high, so it already was a problem.

We decided to just get a step stool, everything will be okay… right? That was the plan until they came yesterday to put the lift bases down. They add another eight to nine inches to the height. You can look at the picture and see what the result of that was. Heck, even I, at around 6’1″-6’2″ have to actually climb up into the bed. The odd thing about me, though, is I’m actually as long in the torso as I am the legs so my legs are only 32″ even at the height I am. So, climbing, yes, but I still need a little hop to get up in there. We laughed for a good 45 minutes or so about that. But, it really is ridiculous. I’m having to face the reality that I am going to have to do without the base of my original waterbed. That saddens me, but it’s time to move on. I can possibly salvage the headboard which was what I really wanted anyway. We will have to find a way to create a stand for that. 17991844_10155076671500490_7540040454206530901_nOh, and we are using the utility step stool that we use in our house as her ladder onto the bed. I joked that I could build her a slide to come off of it.

On top of all that, we bought floor sample lift bases which were cheaper. However, the delivery people forgot to bring the remote so the lifts can’t be synced or even used. So, they have to come back, again, to do that. Third time’s a charm I guess. But, even then, we’ll have to take it apart and remove the bed base sometime in the next bit and put the legs under the lift bases to get it to work at a more reasonable (and less ridiculous) height. I will say, though, it is very comfortable. And, I got them to throw in some of the “black diamond” memory foam pillows, too. That’s pretty righteous, too. Just don’t know about being able to almost touch the ceiling whilst lying in bed; before using the lift features. Stay tuned for the next episode of Beds of Our Lives.

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Scorp out!

“Mind over mattress.” – Stephen Covey