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I’m going to do something I don’t usually do, Dear Reader. I’m going to do a mashup of things in one post. I usually focus, but today is a “freeform” kind of day.

Today is an anniversary. An anniversary I truly wish we didn’t have to have. It was a princegraphicnewkstpyear ago today that I stood in City Beverage, buying beer for The Less Desirables, when my phone vibrated and I looked down to read “Musician Prince Dead at 57.” I stood there gazing at the phone. Surely, this isn’t true. No way. Turns out, it was true. In a year where it seemed that many of my heroes were called away to do whatever it is you do once your light goes out, this was probably the hardest on me. I never met him. I never saw him live. But, I felt like I knew him. That’s probably borderline cheesy, but it’s true. I just couldn’t and still can’t believe we won’t get new releases from him. Not that new Prince songs won’t surface, they surely will, but it won’t be from him, just written by and performed by him. Already this week, we’ve seen a lawsuit from his family and estate seeking to stop releases of 7″ reissues that were supposed to come out either today or tomorrow for Record Store Day (more on that in a few). C’mon people, stop it! Let us enjoy his memory in peace. You’re keeping him with us but you’re giving us negative energy. He was never about negative energy. Settle the (bleep) down. I miss you, Mr. Nelson.

So, tomorrow, it’s Record Store Day and I can’t think of any place better to grab your selections than at Underdog Records. Yes, Underdog is the Official Vinyl Sponsor of The Less Desirables, but I’m not shilling for them. I truly am excited about the event and the loot that I’ll (hopefully) get. I am not excited about the crowd and line, though. I can’t help that. The BCPF has spotted a few things on the list that she absolutely has to have. I told her we have to be there way before 8am (when the event starts). We’ll see how we get on out there because I’m playing tonight and those late nights don’t bode well for early mornings. Go to the RSD website, pick your selections, then go Underdog Records tomorrow and buy some records. I really love where that medium has gotten itself back to and am excited about being part of it!

Speaking of me playing tonight. I am playing with my little trio of comedy/music (the comedy is incidental, mostly), Threadbare Trio at 6th & Vine in Winston-Salem. We do acoustic-ish covers and some original Clay Howard music. I’m not sure exactly what time we start but I would figure it would be close to 10pm (at least that’s what the Facebook Event reads). So, come out, have some dinner before we play and have a sangria or two (they’re pretty good) at 6th & Vine. Clay will be hightailing it from Walnut Cove (or where ever the rehearsal dinner is) to get there. Neal and I will hold down the fort, or at least just be ready for him, whilst we wait.

Rehearsal dinner did I say? Yes, tomorrow, my pal, sometimes bandmate and birthday sharer, Patrick Ferguson is marrying his awesomely sweet and beautiful lady, Amanda. We’re happy for him, too! He requested that I wear the kilt so I’m going to and I’m going to do trivia at the reception, so, woot! on that, right? We’ll have a fine time and I couldn’t be happier for the both of them. They’re swell people.

Okay, I think I covered all I needed to for today. I miss Prince. Record Store Day is tomorrow, go to Underdog Records (those selections aren’t being sold online or even in big-box stores), come see us play at 6th & Vine and wish P-Fug and Amanda much happiness. Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The girl on the seesaw is laughing 4 love is the color this place imparts (Paisley Park). Admission is easy, just say U believe and come 2 this place in your heart. Paisley Park is in your heart.” – “Paisley Park” (Prince)