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In Sunday’s “Silent Sunday” I said that we had purchased a cabinet for our LPs. This was greatly needed because we’re wracking up the number of LPs in the house and they’d become stacks, which isn’t good for the records themselves. We had been looking online for some stuff, Amazon, office supply stores and what I believe to be Hades, even though I’ve never been there, IKEA. Some people love it and that’s great for them.

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Yes, I reused the picture from Sunday.

I just know that The BCPF and I are both impulse buyers, or at least have a tendency to be, and I didn’t want to risk being sucked in to the gingerbread house for the witch to eat us after tempting us with delicious treats. I’m not saying I won’t go to IKEA, but I just haven’t and am in no hurry to do so. I hear “horror” stories of others calling for the death of the place because it was so enticing and got them to overspend due to interest beyond practicality. Nah.

Plus, the closest one is in Charlotte and while I’m okay with Charlotte, I just wasn’t in the mood to drive down there just to “shop.” We had stopped in at Underdog Records (the Official Vinyl Sponsor of The Less Desirables) to get our weekly fix from “the Candyman” Jonathan and we talked about going shopping for cabinetry. He was really pushing the IKEA idea. My stomach turned… nope.

We went to Twin City Hive (Official Coffee Sponsor of The Man Who Walked the Town) to get The BCPF’s caffeine on and Joey told us that Costco has a record shelving system, or at least had one. We like Costco and decided it was worth the look. Well, we found what we were looking for and it was only $99.99. It’s a sturdy cab and it looks pretty good. It wasn’t too hard to put together, either. About 25 minutes is all it took us to put it together. Then we spent an hour alphabetizing the collection because that’s how we roll. You should have seen the both of us wringing our grubby little hands in anticipation of that kind of fun. We both have enough OCD (or CDO with the letters being in the correct order) that we need alphabetizing for our sanity. It went fairly quickly, though.

We just had a ball doing that. I separated all the albums into stacks according to what the first name or artist was (that’s how Discogs alphabetizes) and The BCPF sorted them into alphabetical order. If we have multiples of one artist, we decided to put the releases in chronological order. It was just fun. We love that stuff. Now, when want to do a “random grab” or use Discogs’ randomizer it will be more organized and easier to find stuff. We use an orange card to show where we took the LP from so it can go right back in without sifting. We’re just excited. So, look out #nowspinning group on Facebook. There’s more to come! Head to Underdog Records to get your record fix and check out my collection on Discogs.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Just go through the exit and directly into the warehouse. You skip all the selling that way.” – Jonathan Hodges on IKEA