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The title is a total tongue-in-cheek play on the reality, here. I’m the lucky one to have both my sister and my brother to share stuff with. I love my family. I don’t see my brother often, usually around holidays. I get to see my sister a good bit, though not as often as I’d like. I like when she and my bro-in-law go hang out with us at our favorite places. It’s just good times. So, today, April 10 is National Sibling Day. I’m lucky to have them. I’m reusing the same picture that I used on Facebook for a while. We really need to work on getting a new picture one of these holidays. Whadda say?


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“If you have a brother or sister, tell them you love them every day – that’s the most beautiful thing.” – Amaury Nolasco