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Well, my “other” kid has a “birthday” today. I got Nigel 2 years ago today. Nigel, if you don’t know, is my Alien II Green Kia Soul. And, I really dig this car.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate driving. I don’t like driving from the side door of my house to my mail box which isn’t really that far away. But, I don’t mind driving places with Nigel. I go even further and say, and maintain, that that little Soul is the most fun I’ve ever had driving a car. I truly love it. I don’t know what we’ll do next year when the lease is up. Get a new one or pay this one off… hmmm.

So, I now that Nigel doesn’t sound very Korean, which is where Kia is based. But, for those who don’t know there’s a reason that I named it that. I bought him on March 27, 2015. On March 26, 2015, I performed with the Vagabond Saints Society when they did their XTC show. One of the tunes I did was called “Making Plans for Nigel.” The BCPF had just had a conversation the week before that there weren’t enough American kids (or grownups) that were named Nigel or Alistair. We like both of those names, and since we’re not planning on having any kids and I had just done that song, then I picked Nigel for his name. So, no, it doesn’t sound Korean, but like Angelina Jolie and her 18 kids, I adopted Nigel from another country, and his name is now Nigel. And there you have it.

He’s in dire need of a bath, but I have done my best to keep him mostly clean and not clutter him up with a bunch of mess. His sound system is pretty fantastic and he is awesome with the navigation when we are house hunting. I’ve never had a car of my own that had a sunroof and really never wanted one. But, Nigel is pretty awesome with his open. A little noisy, yes, but the windbreaker makes it less loud. And, here we are two years in and he only has about 14,400 miles. I don’t think we have to worry about any overages when the end of the lease comes. I drive him from my house to downtown and back home again. That’s about it.

DSC_0124Again, he’s a great car. Thanks Nigel for being with me. I do really, really dig you. Here’s to much more time together. At least another year.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Totally transformed.” – Kia