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So, the March installment of the Friday Night Music Club is tonight and will be at Bull’s Tavern. This month the non-profit/charity is The Bethesda Center for the Homeless.

Musically, tonight FNMC will be focusing on groove-rock of the 90’s/2000’s.15873515_1428930590450353_2994663030644474219_n

The show will feature the reunion of the original Mediocre Bad Guys lineup as they do what they originally set out to do, Jack Johnson tunes.

Zack Fox, Stephen Henson, Mitch Hull and Greg Goad (or some combination therein) will be doing the music of John Mayer.

Josh Moyer, aka Dichotomy, will be leading a band playing Dave Matthews Band songs.

My good pal, Patrick Ferguson will be leading a band of whippersnappers doing renditions of Blind Melon tunes.

If pot was legal in this state, then this show would be for those individuals (and groups) that partake. I know nothing about it, myself, but it is what it is. This music is of plenty who hide not the fact that they’re supporters of the culture. That’s perfectly okay!

I will be hosting the festivities. It will be from around 10pm until 1:30a-ish. There is no cover charge or admission. Just, please, give to the cause. Every bit of the donations go to Bethesda Center. Help them out and support the efforts. Bull’s Tavern is located at 408 W 4th Street in WSNC.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Bethesda Center operates the only day shelter in the community and the only emergency night shelter that serves both men and women.” – Bethesda Center