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This past Monday, I sat at home all day, working from my couch, whilst two gentlemen drilled holes in, sprayed enforcement foam under, Spackled cracks on and sanded down the floors of my two showers. And, let me tell you, it was none too soon!

The BCPF and I haven’t used our shower in over a year. We’ve been taking showers of course, but we’ve been using the one downstairs; 3B’s shower. I’m a big guy, if you know me, you know this. I’m heavier than the fiberglass likes to holdMMSR_li in showers. About a year and a half ago, we noticed a crack in our shower and, after a week or two, decided we should probably stop using that because we didn’t want our shower to end up in our kitchen which is directly below the shower. It’s a double shower so two people can shower together and, it’s a lot of room.

So, we started going downstairs and using 3B’s shower. Well, after about 8 months of that, I heard the floor of that shower crack. Then the crack started getting visible. We let that go for a while until last week, when I noticed water in my living room, under my television and next to a long electrical power strip. The shower floor had finally started allowing water to go through and it seeped under the wall into the living room. Luckily that’s tile and not carpet. And, let me tell you, that downstairs shower is small (for my large mass, anyway).

We had put off doing the work because we’re on a single income and that stuff is usually expensive. But, we reached the point where we really just had to bite the bullet and have someone come look at them. I called a place and they came out a few days later. Meanwhile, we started by having to shower at Mes ‘Rent’s house for the first day or so. Then we decided that was inconvenient. We have a large garden tub that we never use because it’s just in the way. I took my “showers” by standing in the tub and using a red Solo cup to cup water over me for both the pre-wash and rinse, as well as to wash my hair. I will say that sucks! Big time suckage!!

The repair guys came on Monday and drilled holes around the cracks, filled under the fiberglass shower floors with foam that hardens and creates under support for the shower. Seriously, if we just repaired it, it wouldn’t be long before I cracked it again, right? So, once it was solid and they had used Bondo, just like on fiberglass car bodies and patched the cracks, making them more sturdy. Then, they waited until that dried and sanded it down. Once it was smooth, they colored the floors of each shower and made it look like there was never a problem. They did great work. The shower floors are a bit slick but they’re sturdy.

My house smelled like an auto body shop for the whole day but I kept a door open with a fan pointed out, the bathroom fans in both bathrooms, a window in both the upstairs and laundry room beside the downstairs bathrooms. It helped but I felt like I had been sniffing glue, or at least what I think that would be like, since I’ve never done it. But, again, the showers look really good. So, I highly recommend Miracle Method of the Triad for your fiberglass shower repair needs. They do fantastic work, the service people are super friendly and do a great job of keeping you informed on the progress and what they’re doing. Really, a great company, so if you need that kind of work, these are your folks. I promise! I will warn you, though, good ventilation is important and, also, cover up anything you don’t want to get doused with fiberglass dust (toothbrushes, makeup, etc.).

I got in the shower Wednesday morning (the soonest I could) and I had forgotten how much I loved that shower. The water pressure was high, the shower head is higher and easier for me to use, there was a lot more room. I can extend my arm without dragging along the walls. I like that, especially. It was just a great feeling to be back in “my” shower. 3B got all the shower shelves back in his bathroom, I’m pretty sure he’s glad about that.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“We Serve all of The Triad.” – Miracle Method of the Triad