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With my paycheck for the “big job,” I was able to purchase a new computer. I was in need, too. The one I use at home was really starting to fall apart. About six months ago, I was trying to clean something out from under the left “Shift” key and popped the key off. I use that one more than the other side, so that really messed me up on my typing. But, more about that computer scares me than just that key missing.

As a matter of fact, as I was ordering this new computer (I got it from Amazon) the hard drive on the old one started clicking and acting all weird. It’s made that noise before but it’s really getting louder. So, I figure that it’s not long before something serious happens. I have a lot of stuff on there that I’ll have to transfer to this new one, but I do plan on keeping that one going as long as possible because this new computer has no optical drive (CD/DVD/BRD) which means if I want to purchase something used at Ed McKay or even new on CD, I’ll have to be able to upload it to my iPod. That means I’ll have to keep an avenue open with a CD player.

The fact this one doesn’t have such a device and the fact that it has Windows 10, are the only things I’m really finding wrong with this new computer. It’s one of the x360 Flagship High Performance 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop. The keyboard flips around to become a tablet. It can stand and be an entertainment center. It has a B&O sound system (that rocks the speakers, I can’t wait to hear the clarity in the headphones. Because it flips to be a tablet that means the screen is touchscreen and I can draw on it (not that I will) or write like a notebook, etc. 8GB Memory and 1TB of space. Just what I need, too.

Like I said, I still have a lot of stuff (pictures, mostly) to transfer over to the new machine but I should get to that in the next day or two. But. this post is the first blog post I’ve written on it. Still getting used to the feel of the keyboard and a few other things to get used to (again, Windows 10), but it won’t take too long to do so. I dig it. I just wanted to write something on the new machine and this is it. Thanks for indulging me.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I love it!!” – an Amazon.com reviewer