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Honestly, this could have been a The Man Who Ate the Town post and me piggyback it, but I may actually do the opposite and reverse that. But, I figure there will probably just be a post about one of the places, soon. Anywhat! Let’s get to this…


Camel from Bernardins

I told you yesterday, Dear Reader, that I would recap the food that we had in our “celebratory” weekend. It started on Friday night when The BCPF and I went to a place we’d never been before, Bernardin’s at Zevely House. Her at all and me, not since they moved from Jonestown Rd. That old place didn’t have a lot of charm, though. And, looking back, my date was not the greatest, so, I go back and call it, my first time, too. We wanted something special, and as much as I love our regular “go tos,” I also wanted something different. This was it.

We ordered Camel for me and Emu (not shown) for The BCPF. Yep, we wanted exotic and that’s what we got, at least for “’round here” standards. I’m going to save the descriptions for the food blog but I will say that both were tender and slightly gamy but not in any kind of bad way. Brittany, our server, is a good friend of ours, so that made a great night even


Carolina Chucker App

better. We also had maple sweet potato cheesecake. I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes but this was pretty good!

Saturday morning we did our walking thing, then went to Mary’s Gourmet Diner which is always fantastic. A stop at the record store, that’s Underdog Records, buying a cleaning system and some records, followed by coffee at Twin City Hive and brews at Hoots Roller Bar and Beer Company makes it all a great afternoon and we have standing Sangria Saturday rezzies at Willows Bistro so that was up next.


Carolina Chucker Breast

At Willows we were treated with some “Carolina Chucker” which is a cross between a quail and a dove. It was pretty good. It was freshly hunted and Chef Travis said he had to make sure all the buckshot was out of it. Also, we had the Carolina Chucker breast wrapped in bacon and stuffed with pickled jalapeno. There was other things included in both of those dishes, but again, that’s for food blog. I got what I feel is the absolute most solid dish on Willows menu and that’s the ahi tuna plate. It’s always perfect. The BCPF had the fried Rappahannock Oyster Salad. Thanks Willows, Chef


Rappahanock Salad

Travis, Chef Brent and their team of awesomeness. Of course, we had several sangrias.

Sunday morning it was brunch time and, again trying something new, we went to Katharine Brasserie & Bar. Yes, we’ve been there before but not for brunch. I


Biscuits and Gravy

certainly started off with some delicious steak tartare followed by their french take on biscuits and sausage gravy. The BCPF had eggs and sausage with side of fried green tomatoes with a spicy tomato aioli. The bardude
Rolando P. made me a fantastical rum drink and I dug it.

Sunday night, we cooked in and it was a family effort as The BCPF, 3B and I all did our share of duties for the meal. We fixed a tangy carnitas-style taco with an avocado crema and homemade peach salsa. It took us about an hour for prep and cooking


Homemade carnitas tacos with avocado crema and peach salsa

but it was fun and we if we may toot our own horns, it was darn good. Recipe coming soon on the food blog. I didn’t have my special light for that picture so it comes out a little bit dark and yellowish, so the pics don’t do it justice. So that’s our food weekend. A lot of great food in there. Not a bad meal to be had for us. Watch for more on The Man Who Ate the Town.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“What’s crema?” – 3B