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It’s pretty much been the tradition of The BCPF and I to not do anything mushy for Valentine’s Day. I’ve not given chocolates, jewelry, cards, stuffed animals and especially not flowers, in a long time. I do those things all throughout the year, when I can afford to do so, so no need to on this day. We’ve had a long-standing agreement to do so.


Notice the pic of The BCPF and me on our wedding day in the background. 🙂

However, this year, I broke that tradition. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some of the fantastic flowers from Sweet Aromaz on Sixth Street. Jessi and Jaime Root were in there slaving away at making awesome arrangements and slinging some java when I went in. I knew that the other places in town would be swamped. It was like Jessi knew I was coming. She basically said she had what I needed. And, she was right!

It was about 9 red roses and she was putting these lovely and petite yellow flowers in there and then some eucalyptus and then some other colorful little-bitty things. She told me what they were but I was fascinated by the arrangement that I lost track of what she said they were. All I know is they looked beautiful. I know The BCPF’s favorite flower is the daisy (heck, she named her car “Daisy”), so I asked Jessi if she’d put one in there. She did better, she put several. The arrangement was so pretty. It was fit for my gal. She’s awesome and so were the flowers.

I know it’s late in the day and some of you are probably just now thinking, CRAP!! I forgot about the flowers!! Well, you’re in luck! Sweet Aromaz will be open until around 7pm and you can find them right there on Sixth between Trade Street and Liberty Street. I promise they’ll make you look good when you walk in with your fresh, beautiful bouquet! Check them out and don’t sleep on the couch tonight, you can help it! Oh and grab a spot of java whilst you’re there.Thank you again, Jessi and Jaime!!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp is not in the doghouse!

“Art District’s first and only little shop offering Beautiful Bouquets, Gifts, Divine Coffee and Hot Teas.” – Sweet Aromaz