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I’m at a loss today, Dear Reader. I love football and with that love comes the necessity to
also hate certain aspects. I will say the aspects that I hate the most are Cowboys/Patriots/Ravens and the fans therein. Now, I don’t hate the fans, just listening to them. Also, the fact that there are some mighty download-1fine players out there that I just can’t stand.

Yesterday was one of those days. I watched the Super Bowl with a group of friends and all was going great and fantastic until it didn’t. Tom Brady, one of those “fine players out there that I just can’t stand,” mounted the greatest comeback ever in the Super Bowl, if not ever in sports, altogether. I really, really can’t stand that guy but on the other hand, I have to give props and say that he is absolutely, the best quarterback, if not the best player to ever play in the NFL. His record doesn’t lie, his records don’t lie, his skill doesn’t lie. It’s a shame I don’t like him.

It’s not because it’s not “my guy,” either. I mentioned, already, that I can’t stand the Cowboys but I really like Emmitt Smith, who was a great back and the all-time leading rusher in NFL history. Jerry Rice was a pain in the arse while he was playing but I like him. The list can go on and on. But, man, Brady… He’s amazing. I don’t want him to be amazing, he just is. I don’t like Bill Belichick, the coach, either. But, he’s the best that’s ever coached the game. Cheating scandals notwithstanding and whatever their doing, it still works.

It doesn’t help that the Falcons totally choked. They had a 25 point lead with half of the third and all of the fourth quarters left. They stopped playing about that time. The offense gave out, the defense gave out. They just stopped. You don’t do that with Brady. He showed them why. Don’t like them, either, but they weren’t the Patriots. Oh, well. Until he’s injured badly, he’s going to continue to wreak havoc over the league until he’s just had enough. I hope that’s soon. I’m leaving it at that. I’m done with it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“”I hang out with a bunch of 20-years-olds, so that makes you feel pretty young,” – Tom Brady