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My weeks usually go by pretty fast. I record up to five podcasts a week on several days spread around. I top that off with meetings, prep for those podcasts and exploring new opportunities. The last two weeks have been filled with extra activities, good and bad and it’s been hectic. 11138536_10153181853723617_4448708523697544740_n

For the second week in a row (and the first time in a while) I did record all five of the podcasts. That’s not strenuous. Tedious and down to a science and it’s not exactly easy but not too much work, that’s what it is mostly. We had the family incident last week and through the weekend, that was especially heavy, mentally and emotionally. I can’t imagine what my sister was going through. Whilst wrestling that I hosted and performed with Clay Howard and the Silver Alerts at the first Friday Night Music Club at Bull’s Tavern. Good and fun stuff. Saturday we were walking around in a dream because we were out so late. The BCPF and I had some time that day but not a lot. Sunday was a big football day and the Steelers lost the AFC Championship game. Not good.

That’s what a lot of it is. Not a lot of time with her. She works long hours and I do, too. I’m out late on Mondays and Wednesdays creating art (podcasts) and then I get home and I’m tired. Tuesdays we get the evening together but we’re out with friends and doing trivia at Finnigan’s because that’s what we enjoy doing. We did have Thursdays but we decided she was going to spend Thursday evenings with her mom so that they get time together. It also affords me and 3B some dad-and-son time; something we don’t get nearly enough of. So, both of those are good things and we need them, but it’s less time with each other.

Tonight, we have nothing specific planned. Tomorrow we will have time with friends as it’s our make-up date for Beer Dad Paul‘s birthday beer crawl and we’re very much looking forward to that. No football on Sunday, so we will have that day, along with 3B to have some family time. I am very much looking forward to that, too. We’ll make up for lost time starting tonight. There. Rant done. Let’s head on to listen to some music and pick up “The Boy” from school. Thanks for reading.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Because my business life is so busy, my home is really my sanctuary.” – Rachel Roy