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City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables, presents Celebration 2016: Fresh Hop IPA from Sierra Nevada, The Less Desirables Beer of the Week.unnamed

Sierra Nevada, it’s hard to go wrong with that. They’ve been around a long time, they’ve proven their worth. I’m not the biggest fan of their pale ale and we know how I feel about IPAs but this is their winter deal and we’ll see how it goes. I have probably had this, even on the show, before but this is the 2016 version and as we know about seasonals, they change every year, however subtle that change may be. I admire Sierra Nevada, though, for their determination to the craft. Kudos.

BeerAdvocate rates it at 93 (Outstanding) with a Bros Score of 97 (World-Class), wow. Untappd has it at 3.89 caps out of 5. RateBeer has it at 98 in Style and 98 Overall. Again, wow. Let’s hope it lives up to this hype!

Have you tried it? What did you think? If you haven’t or if you just have a hankering for more, head on down to City Beverage to get your sixer. Hurry, though, supplies are limited. Tell them it’s the beer of the week and get 5% off your order. Tune in to hear what Caitlin, Danielle, Scott and I think of it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“A special ale for the holidays, Celebration IPA features the first hops of the growing season. This pioneering ale is full of complex flavors and aromas from the generous use of whole-cone American hops.” – Celebration carton