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It was just over a year ago when my buddy, biz partner and co-host of The Less Desirables, Eugene B. Sims, the TLD TV Guru, left the show and it was a year ago this week that he gave his last TLD TV Update. I have missed having him on the show. Now, let me be clear. I loved bringing The Right Reverend Cool, Bruce Cole, on to take his seat. And, I absolutely 2016-12-28-22-49-32love having my second work wife, Dannie B on and I’d not change that, at all. I want her there with my first work wife, Crazy Caiti, no matter what. Those two women keep me stable on the show and I absolutely love them for it.

But, last night, on The Less Desirables, Eugene came on to give his annual Top 5 Shows of 2016. As soon as I hit record on the console, we rolled into the show and it was like he had never left. You see, Dannie B was out because she was getting sick. When Eugene left, the show was him, Caitlin and me. So, last night it was like it used to be, except those two were in opposite seats. But, the back and forth, the banter, the putdowns, they were all right where they should be. I really hate that Danielle wasn’t there. I wanted them to meet so badly. And, they will. I have a feeling Eug will be back on, soon. I hope he will, at least.

Last night, unfortunately, was a one-off with my buddy. But, if the situation was right for him, there’s a seat on this show for him. Whether it be regularly, only semi-regularly or even permanently, I want him to be part of the show, again. I know some of the things that led to his departure are over and done with and I’d love to have him back. He was my first work wife, really. Everyone, even drop-in guest Tracy Krohn said she could tell we were married. Anywhat! I’d like to have him back, period.

You can listen to the episode if you go to the TLD website (click on Latest Podcast) or on the TLD Network website.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson