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Yesterday, The Less Desirables gained a new sponsor! We are very proud and excited to announce that Underdog Records will be out new Official Vinyl Store. I’m sure I’ll come up with some fancy schmancy name like I always do. I know what you’re asking, but don’t you already have a music sponsor? Well, yes. The Garage is still our Official Music Sponsor. But, 15133988_10154390906891997_1801627864_othis is different.

With the music section of TLD, we talk about what is happening at The Garage and then what’s coming out on CD and digital download. That’s been the case since The Garage signed on with us several years back. That won’t change. We also play a song by a band or artist that will be playing The Garage that week. It’s all still the same.

What Underdog Records is bringing is a bit different. Jonathan Hodges, owner, will be submitting a report every week of what will be coming out new, or reissued, on vinyl. Vinyl releases do not necessarily correlate with the CD and digital releases. Plus, with the revival of vinyl, a lot of older albums are being re-released. So, he tells us what is coming out that week and what he’s gotten in used. Last week he took in over 1000 used albums.

Underdog Records doesn’t stop there. They do sell a few CDs. They also have live events in the store. It could be a European-style DJ, acoustic artists and so on. They also have turntables and other audio equipment for sale right there, including amps and speakers.

I’ve recently, well in the last two years, gotten back into vinyl. When I was a kid, I had a lot of records, mostly KISS. I didn’t know what I was doing. I scratched them, I left indention on the covers by tracing the pictures, slung the discs around like they were nothing and so on. I treated them very roughly, to say the least. Then, because I was constantly on the go, it was easier and better to have cassettes so my buddies and I could listen to stuff up on the mountain or in the woods, then when I moved to WSNC, I needed cassettes for my vehicles. Then came CDs and that was even better. While still delicate, they’re more durable than cassettes and vinyl. Then digital. It was a good to not mess anything up, but the compression takes away the sonic quality and makes it murky. It took me a while to figure that out.

The BCPF got me a turntable (or as we sometimes still call it, a record player) for Christmas a couple of years back and I’ve been collecting since. Almost all of my vinyl has come, exclusively, from Underdog Records. In the 150 that I’ve amassed over the last year or so (I didn’t start right away), I’d say 90% of the collection has come from Underdog. Jonathan keeps the new stuff but there’s wealth of the old stuff in there. You should go in just to see it.

I’m still not completely happy with my vinyl set up now. I’m playing the records through a home theater set up. While it has good sound and is great for surround sound movies, I want an amp and speakers that are dedicated to that warm gooey sound quality that only vinyl can produce. So, when The BCPF and I move (it’s probably coming in the moderately near future), we’re hoping to find a home where we can turn one room into a music/listening/entertainment room, that has nothing to do with the home theater system. I’ve already told Jonathan that I’d be coming to him to see what we could put in the listening room.

So, again, I’m very excited to have Underdog Records on board CrewTLD and TLD Family. If you like old school record stores, have an affinity for vinyl, want to sell your old vinyl or want to discover (or re-discover) the joys of vinyl, you should head straight for Underdog Records, located at 835 Burke Street in WSNC. It’s awesome! And listen to TLD every Wednesday night/Thursday morning to hear about the new releases and new treasures in the store. Follow Underdog Records on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks Jonathan and Underdog Records!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Underdog Records is an independent brick & mortar record store located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina which carries new and used LPs & 45s, new and used turntables and stereo equipment, and also vinyl accessories (LP sleeves, LP cleaner, etc.).  Underdog also purchases your gently used LPs, 45s, and stereo equipment.  Please refer to our used buying page for more information on selling or trading your items to Underdog.” – Underdog Records