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One thing that I do, and I’ve not talked much about it lately, is travel. Well, I book travel for others, I don’t really get to travel. You see, traveling costs money. Money is something I certainly don’t have much, or really, any of. Even as a travel agent I can get great “deals” on traveling and excursions but it still costs money and is still an expense. travel-writing

I love booking travel but I have to say that sometimes I get jealous. Okay, now… I’m always jealous. As I mentioned back in October, The BCPF and I haven’t had any real getaways since we got married. There was a trip to Chicago last year, and that was great, but we really only had about two days of time together, even with the evenings. I mean a vacation that we both can see and do things together. We had the trip planned in October but Hurricane Matthew put a damper on that, with an emphasis on “damp.”

This year I booked a couple of trips to Costa Rica, Europe and a cruise to Alaska. All of which would have been wonderful to experience; some more than others. The Alaskan cruise would have been cool just to see all the glaciers and parks and all that jazz. I saw pictures and thought it looked amazing. Costa Rica, I’ve been there and where I stayed wasn’t very pleasant to me. I didn’t care for it (although I enjoyed the company) and really it has kind of turned me off going back at all, but then I see the places I’m booking for my clients and think, well dang! I’d certainly go there!

But, of course, Europe is where I want to be. I believe The BCPF would agree, too. I certainly would go back to Paris, London, Edinburgh, Bruges again, in a heartbeat. But, there’s other places we’d love to go. We want to see Prague, Budapest, the little town in Germany where The BCPF’s ancestry is from, Geneva, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Lisbon, most any place in Italy, Croatia, Warsaw, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, and the list is pretty endless. I just want to be there. If we won the lottery, we’d spend a lot of time over there. Probably even buying properties and AirBnB-ing them when we’re not using them.

I’m hoping that The Beer Dads and our Pilots can reschedule our trip to Charleston, soon. I hope we can book someplace else, too. I’d go to Europe with those guys and gals. I know we’d have a ball. But, it all comes back to one thing. I need someone to underwrite me going to Europe for podcasting, blogging or video reasons. I’d get to see it all and make a bit of money whilst doing it. I could be okay with that. I’d travel for someone else’s need if it was for something like that. I love to write, which is evident since I write this thing everyday, right? So, anyone want to send me to Europe to write for them?

I mean that as a joke but I really would do it, I think. Anyways, I want to help you with your travel booking needs. Visit my website HERE or send me an EMAIL. Let me turn your dreams into memories! Now, you’re going places!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” – Matsuo Basho