So, after one day of the antibiotics, my throat is still achy but not painful. So, I guess they’re working. And, before I get told so, don’t worry, I plan on taking the things all the way to the end. I know that’s how it works and the most effective way for them to work. I get it, I’m on it, done.

Luckily, too, I’ve not developed some weird allergy to the antibiotics. I say this because once I was on something to kill staph and the first time it worked fine. The second time I got staph the same stuff put me almost into shock and I was in the hospital, almost all



day. Turns out, I developed an allergy to sulfa. So, I have to keep away from that. I told that to The BCPF and she freaked out. I had to settle her down, it wasn’t the same thing and it hasn’t turned out the same way. I knew something was wrong 20 minutes after taking it. I think I’m good.

CephALEXin stinks, though. It smells like rotten eggs. I am not the biggest fan of eggs anyway and when I smell it, it takes my breath away, almost. Nasty. I looked it up and I see no indication of eggs being part of it. I know eggs are part of my flu shot because they ask, every time, if I’m allergic to them. Anywhat! The Keflex (what cephALEXin is) stinks. Luckily they’re small. I also am taking the CVS equivalent to Tylenol and I’m taking it in these huge gel caps. I’d say they’re half an inch long and quarter inch thick. With that sore throat, especially when it was swollen so badly, those bad boys were a biotch to swallow. Still are, even with the swelling down.

So, I know several people contacted me after yesterday’s post and I just wanted to let you all know that I’m on the road to mending. All is well or at least is well on its way to being so. I had about six hours sleep, which almost never happens, so that’s a plus; a bonus. Thanks for asking.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Do you have a cough due to cold?” – Forrest Gump