So, I went to the doc today. I mentioned yesterday having this nagging sore throat and whilst it is better today, it’s still a bit nagging. I was told to come in around 2:30pm, and I did. He looked in and said there was some congestion in my ears, which until he mentioned it, I wasn’t aware of. Now I feel like I can feel it, whether I can or not. He also looked in my throat and said it wasn’t strep, which was a relief. 2016-11-28-19-20-08

I’ve not had any symptoms of it, that I know of. I don’t remember ever having strep. I just know this is aching my throat, whatever it is. The nurse did ask if I still have my tonsils, which I do. It would be par for the course if I had to have them removed, though. I mean, I have gotten rid of all the other useless glands and functionaries in my body, right? My appendix in 1989 and my gall bladder a year ago. Tonsils would fulfill the trifecta; the hat trick, if you will. But, he never mentioned that.

He said he thinks it’s an infection from my allergies/sinus problems that I had a few weeks back. He said there appears to be some drainage happening back there. So, he’s putting me on some antibiotics for a week and see if that helps. I’ll still be drinking hot peppermint tea with honey, sucking on some CVS brand honey lemon Hall’s knockoff lozenges and spraying some Chloraseptic every 15 minutes until this goes away. It’s sad to eat good food when all your taste buds are numb and done from the medicinal overload. I try not to eat or drink any of it within an hour of when I think I may eat. I dunno, we’ll see if these antibiotics work. Wish me luck!

Something warm and fuzzy, though. As much as I hate Walmart, everything about them and that I have to go there because they’re generally cheaper than anywhere else, whomever filled the ‘script actually left me a personal note, which I put in the picture. I do like and appreciate that. Thanks, whoever you are.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I have a perfect cure for a sore throat: cut it.” – Alfred Hitchcock